Google Streetview and the retail data market

After drawn cards encoded data in Google Maps and Google+ came expand the network without many people knowing … and do fill , here’s a new vulnerability in Google offers …

To enhance its Google Map tool , the U.S. giant has decided to extend streetview within retail.

For the modest sum of 500 euros , the european merchant is offered a shooting images in his trade, integration of these images Streetview mapping and, of course , the best possible SEO.

A beautiful recoverability , data gathered by Google , which is expected to cut cruppers to established market data regarding real estate retail business . These firms are named Codata , RETAILP , Goad ( Experian ) , Local Data Company, or Locatus CoStar are little known to the general public but are positioned on a core market with high added value and … a wide margin .

If developers galleries and shopping complexes are always quick to communicate these firms the  » cadastral  » their sites information to facilitate the rental and sale of space, these allies goals do not play the same partition as Google with its proposal  » streetview « . Indeed, if the legal framework allows anyone to film or take photographs on public roads , it is not well within the commercial areas that are private spaces.

Google Streetview able to collect information so that its competitors do not have now . The trick here is that it is the traders themselves who provide the data and encode (Google Map – Local) and pay (some of them , anyway) to provide images to Google.

Apart from the issues specific to the dissemination and use of these on the net – tracking potential thieves , whether or not site these traders (otherwise , what is SEO announced ) and that is the updated images captured ( a clothing store with several collections during the year) , … more flats appear.

What about the accuracy of data supplied by the trader , which here are more oriented towards the customers to a promoter or developer teaches ? Finally, as we will see in our example, the lack of connection between the statement  » street view – street car  » Google and shooting « walking  » among traders.

Conclusion :

For the restaurant or the car dealer who wants to position its business , enter it in Google streetview is a good thing if it is linked to a website.
Any interest in trade regularly renews its collections or is on web with a page on the internet via Facebook ? If there is interest : Google tool that enhances a heavy investment.

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